Online News Screensaver

Online News Screensaver

The Online News Screensaver puts the news of the world right on your desktop
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Michael Sablin

Are you always looking for news and weather in the Internet?
Would you like to have those pieces of information displayed on your screen whenever you want?
The Online News Screensaver puts the news of the world right on your desktop.

This very unique screensaver is totally different to what you have seen before.
It is a huge storage of information from the entire world, and of every topic you might want.

To begin with, it will display the weather forecast for almost any city in the world.
And it will be displayed very nicely with pictures, text and icons.

Are you in the stock market?
You will receive stock quotes in real time. You can even choose which indexes you desire.

What kind of news would you like to receive?
The options are too many to enumerate here, but you can select world, region or country news.
Do you like sports? Fashion? Entertainment? Technology?
I can say that the topics available are endless.
And so are the sources where they are going to be extracted from.

The Online News Screensaver will surely be something different and very useful for your everyday life.
You will be using it both ay home and at work.
You will never again miss any piece of information.

Fernando Soni
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